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Patrobas Abilla was born in Kampala Uganda but was raised in the United Kingdom. Patrobas returned to Uganda at the age of 17 where he would remain for four years studying, It was during this period that he fell in love with the beauties of his homeland. After a brief return to the UK Patrobas returned to Uganda To Kickstart his Rap Career. Patrobas’s Rapping style is what he would call “Honest, insightful, Relatable, laid-back, tasteful, Raw yet refined and Original”

To him; Music is more than just an art form, to him music is a way of life. Music has the power to empower and inspire, to uplift and to put us all in a good mood and feel good about ourselves. He doesn’t mind people dancing to his music but he’d rather  listen to what it is he  is saying and for you to be able to relate with not just what i deal with day to day but what we all deal with”.

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