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Online Radio Ads: 6 Reasons Your Business Needs Them

These days, people spend A LOT of their time online browsing web sites and searching for information. In fact, the average person spends more than 100 days per year online. Investing in online radio ads is an effective way to reach potential customers. By now, you may already be familiar with online advertising. Simply put, this medium makes use of the internet to deliver marketing messages to customers to gain […]

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The Unsolved Murders of Rap Kings Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G.

Was it an East vs. West gang war or is there more to the story? Two of the biggest rappers of their time died untimely deaths in eerily similar manners in back-to-back years 1996 and 1997. They were both shot to death in drive-by shootings and were both aged a mere 25 years at the time of their death.   The tragic losses were a culmination of one of the […]

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How Hip-Hop Got Its Name

ip-hop — they were the first words on the genre’s first big hit, the Sugarhill Gang’s 1979 song, “Rapper’s Delight.” But at the time no one—not even the young kids who had invented the music, the dances, the rhymes, and the visual art of this burgeoning movement emerging from the Bronx—was calling it that. Hip-hop wasn’t hip-hop yet. That moment would come in September 1982, when a downtown reporter named […]

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Buganda’s Sovereignty: The 55 Kings Who Ruled After Kintu

Since written records didn’t kick in until 1862, the oral tradition served as a source of history. At least five different lists chronicle the stories of individuals said to have ruled Buganda Kingdom. In Buganda Gye Twasubwa (The Buganda We Missed), Dr Adam Nsubuga Kimala, basing on research by Prof Kiwanuka, lists at least 55 Buganda kings, who ruled after Kintu; from Seguku to Bemba. These, however, do not feature […]

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