AwardING organisation


Planning successful awards requires project management that delivers the component parts in a given time frame. Creative thinking is needed to give your Awards an edge. The judging panel, entry criteria and partners must stand up to scrutiny. Added to which, you need the dedication for what’s a complicated, time-consuming process. Experience and knowledge are invaluable, and this is where TKR come in.

Our awards ceremony management will work to your objectives and co-ordinate with stakeholders; such as entrants, judges, guests and sponsors. A planning schedule will be devised, supported by regular reporting to ensure the project is on track.


We will work with you to agree and implement a communications strategy. The awards marketing plan is designed to build excitement, generate high quality entries and maximise attendance. Communications with entrants and judges is also offered.

A bespoke online system will capture all the needed data. Award entrants will have a clear understanding of the categories, criteria and what’s needed for their submissions. From incomplete entry follow ups to deadline reminders, we’ll have it covered.

Voting can be online or via a panel, using an agreed marking scheme. Once entries are received, judges are notified, and their feedback is collated to produce a shortlist and winners. This can be online and if appropriate entrants’ identities withheld for impartiality.

Networking with peers is an integral part of an award ceremony. Tables/tickets packages offering a range of prices, incorporating varying levels of brand exposure, can be devised, promoted and booked online. Once booked we’ll handle all guest liaison.

Correctly pitched Awards will attract the right type of sponsors who are keen to be associated with its success and being seen to reward excellence. Our awards management team then ensure fulfillment on all the sponsor’s deliverables in the lead up to, as well as at the Awards.


Financial management involves agreeing and monitoring forecasts. Payments for award entries, along with ticket sales and sponsorship. These can be invoiced or paid online. Multiple currencies can be handled, as well as managing credit control.

Our awards management software enables online voting, applications and judging.  This information is available in real time to all stakeholders. Our intuitive system will flag up incomplete entries, which need to be finished, and provide detailed reporting scores.


There’s a knack to ensuring guests and winners each get the most out of the night. Staging, lighting, music and the script need to impress. A compere can make or break the show, as can entertainment. To reach a wider audience the Awards can be streamed.


A multi-functional awards website will promote ticket sales, sponsorship opportunities and online voting / entries (including the facility to upload documents). It will also show shortlists, sponsor credits, guest information and be updated post event with the award winners.

The Awards identity covers design for pre award collateral and web pages, through to the awards ceremony. Covering the stage, screen, trophies, programmes, tickets and signage. This creative element needs to be managed, with copy written and checked thoroughly.

Our guest management team work hard to make sure every award guests is well informed and warmly welcomed on arrival.  TKR Events handle pre and post event guest management, answering enquiries and building up the excitement for the awards ceremony.


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