MUSIC REVIEW: K-Kwan ft Lyrical Joe – Link UP (Vibe)

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After listening to this track, we definitely believe that if this song is given enough promotion, its going to be played at lots of Ghanaians, Sierra Leones and other Africans parties for at least the next 10 years. And there’s a good reason for it. As with typical afrobeats fashion this song is bouncy, upbeat and spiritual. It has a catchy hook and melody from not only K-kwan himself, but also the beast lyrical joe who is  extraordinarily amazing.

If you are curious about the lovely genre of afrobeats please listen to this song!

Afrobeats is a genre that’s rapidly on the rise for the last few years, despite that it seems to be pretty underappreciated to some people. I wonder why, because this is absolutely fantastic. From what we heard from K-kwan & Lyrical Joe’s ”Link UP (Vibe)” is the essential modern afrobeats song. Now take my words about this being a classic with Meat & Matooke because we are Ugandan, but I heard several songs from the genre and this one definitely caught my attention the most.

This song is just so fun and positive. It’s perfect to dance and just makes you want to move, if ”Link UP (Vibe)” doesn’t make you groove then idk what to tell you. K-Kwan’s vocals and flows are excellent, his voice is really warm and just puts a smile on our faces. All the verses compliment the song well. The rhythms and drums are really good, the only problem I have with this song  is that its a very big mistake for it not to be on your playlist, even with that being said; the song is good so that’s not a huge problem.

This turned out a lot better than what I was expecting from these two artists. The good vibes, partying on an island oasis, and playing this song would be a mood. It’s on the shorter side, and I can assure you that I can play it on repeat for a journey of over 5 hours, because its well deserved y ‘all gotta give it the credit it deserves. This track is very catching and varying of tropical flavors. I’ll be looking around for anymore new stuff the 2 African Giants in the making.


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