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it is no news how Jovi took the whole industry by surprise when he officially released an unexpected, “FREE EP ” for his fans to enjoy themself with.

It’s with no doubts that Jovi is an OG in the rap industry not just of Cameroon but Africa as whole as he has already mastered the game as if he was the one who founded it as to so whenever he releases a project be it an EP, ALBUM OR A SINGLE he officially owns the whole of that week of which it was released all to himself as everyone will want to get what the MBOKO God has laid out for them.


Most of the time when Jovi is about to release a project the release date is either picked out by the Mboko Gang or by himself the Mboko god. but this time the Ep took every one-off guide leaving a lot of people asking themselves “But why the surprise EP”.

But whatever the case must have been for the surprise EP one thing is sure it has kept a lot of people speechless and has caused a big impact on both the Cameroon industry and the HIP-HOP industry of Africa as a whole.



It no longer news to any HIP-HOP fans out there about the ongoing beef between Sarkodie and Jovi. this beef has been on for some while with each of these artists sending shoots at themselves openly on Twitter.

In the latest news sarkodie is set to drop his latest Album titled #Nopressure which everyone is still waiting and boom then cane the surprise Ep from Jovi titled #Pressure. so many fans this is like a big blow from Jovi to sakcodie as many will say Jovi is trying to steal the spotlight from sakcodie while others say is a sign of putting more pressure on sakcodie to drop his album fast and it should be dope in other to clap back at Jovi.

Jovi dropping a surprise EP with the opposite name of sakcodie Album is not the only thing that shocked the industry, but also the announcement of his first official Mixtape which is set to be released soon with the date not yet known to the public.


Just such an announcement alone left people talking about what if Jovi drops his first ever Mixtape on the same date as the release of Sakcodie Album, like what is going to be the impact, which one is going to have the most highlight and the most attention.

with all this saga going on now one can only wonder about how sakcodie and fans are taking it because what is certain is for the now being all attention is now on Jovi.



Keeping away the effects of the name of the EP and focusing on the time of release we will notice that it made a lot of impacts here too even though it went a Lil unnoticed.

Jovi Ep was released one day after the conscious rapper Young Holiday also released his 4th studio EP titled #ONEWORDBOMB.

The one-word bomb Ep reserved a lot of hype before it was released in such a way that it was to be topping each chart by now. The EP did leaved to expectations and is sold at an affordable price and was supposed to trend all through the week but did not.

No one can bring out a more clearal reason why the EP didn’t trend as it was supposed to if not of the #Pressure EP from Jovi because the EP had everything needed for a successful EP.

But whatever the case might be both EP are both great projects and are worth tuning to because they both are set out to bring some hidden aspect of the industry in one way or another.

Grap your copy of Young Holiday EP here at just 1k and see if the hype given to it was overrated or underrated.



Download Jovi EP here for free and see if sakcodie and his fans should be worried more about the EP or the soon to be released Mixtape


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