Wakadinali Are So Underrated In The Kenyan Music Industry

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Wakadinali doesn’t get the recognition they deserve especially for what they have done for the Kenyan music industry in the Kenyan music industry today

Wakadinali doesn’t get the recognition they deserve especially for what they have done for the Kenyan music industry in the Kenyan music industry today.

If you’re a keen follower of Wakadinali, you will know and understand without any reasonable doubt that they have opened doors for a lot of unprecedented things in the music industry that a lot of creatives are enjoying today.

Prior to the rap group breaking out to the mainstream music scene, a lot of music acts were not cussing on their songs, many artistes were not free to express themselves the way they’re doing today. Nowadays, musicians can tell their stories as raw as it is without raising a red flag whatsoever, ask Boutross, Khaligraph Jones, and Krispah!

Say what you want to say about the rap group but it is Wakadinali that subtly ushered in the new wave of artistes from the Gengetone genre. As a matter of fact, thanks to Scar’s ‘Kovu’ hit record, the Gengetone/hip hop group Mbogi Genge sprout to the mainstream scene by jumping on the Kovu instrumentals where the group released ‘Kidungi’ hit song.

Wakadinali has made their brand stand out by being the only dominant hardcore hip hop group in Kenya telling their stories as real as it gets in the ghetto.

In essence, if you haven’t step foot in the Eastlands area and you would want to know the lay of the land before going there, all you have to do is simply listen to Wakadinali’s song with a keen interest in Sweesydaa’s verses, that dude can give you chills just from listening to what he has to say about what usually goes down in the Eastlands area, he usually keeps it real all the way, and so does every other member of the phenomenal rap group.

The group has been consistent for years always putting out good music without relent without any major record label or mainstream celebrities backing them, they broke through in the mainstream music scene thanks to themselves putting up the hard work needed to make them stand out from the rest. They had their own backs from day one.

Wakadinali who are 100% independent has the most loyal fanbase in the Kenyan music industry today after building up their brand from the ground up without any major backing from any record label or celebrities. Photo credit: Instagram/wakadinali

Over the years, they have managed to have some loyal stans thanks to their Rong Render clique that’s way more than music, it’s way more and beyond than that. It’s a family, once you are a true member of the Rong Rende, you instantaneously become family, at least according to them.

The most satisfying thing about Wakadinali that comprises Scar, Sewersydaa, and Domani Munga is that each one of them is as accomplished artistes as solo acts as they are as a group. They’re like the Kenyan Migos only versatile and consistent like the celebrated American rap group.

Wakadinali has since owned the Drill sound and ran with it, there’s no one who can sleep on them when we’re talking about the drill music today in Kenya.

For starting all the way from the bottom when nobody knew them to being where they’re today, I honestly believe that they deserve all the props coming their way as a collective unit and also as solo acts.

For instance, Scar still holds the unofficial title of having the only one song that has been remixed and refixed so many times that we’ve lost count right after he released the hit record ‘Kovu’ a few years ago.

Wakadinali deserves all the accolades they can get because it hasn’t been an easy journey thus far, that’s the truth though they have always been a diamond in the dirt when they were starting off their music career as a collective music unit.

Wakadinali is the epitome of hard work, consistency, never giving up, staying true to your course and believing in yourself and always being as real as you can be.

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