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The main thing about this EP that stands out for me is the amazing production. The perfect blend of raw lyrics and powerful production that keeps our ears glued to the music and our minds focused on the meaning..

Jovi is in my top 10 of all time African rappers. I love the man as a MC and I think he’s just very smart with his releases and he always brings something great to the table with every release I’ve heard from him.

One thing you won’t see. Is the “real rap” or “hip hop is dead” fans here. Because they too busy praising some international album or hating on there own rappers, they miss out on gems like this one.

Going into this EP I had my hopes up just because it’s Jovi & he met them. The messaging and concept of this EP is so real & true and Jovi is using his platform to get some great messaging.

Jovi has some nice flows with great rhyme schemes throughout the entire EP and never sounds off beat. He also has a pretty mean sounding delivery which sounds great when paired with the production on this EP. A great example of is the track Money Iz Sexy.

As far as the production goes it’s very interesting to see Jovi on these beats. The production is compelling and mind enthralling. The first half of the album so good and powerful compared to the second half.

Overall the record gives great messaging, mind enthralling production & great lyricism from Jovi.

The album can be underwhelming and just good instead of great at times but he really shows his strengths in versatility and it’s one of his smartest record he’s made.


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