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The Album went a ahead to win a Grammy at 63rd Grammy Awards

The first listen and initial reaction to Kings Disease by Nas. Loved it. Amazing project. You can tell Nas has moved his main focus to production for this album, and it paid off because Hit-Boy did a great job. A successful response to shut down the ‘bad beat picker’ criticism.


For Nas to focus more on the overall production and less on lyricsm is absolutely fine with me because I know Nas can rap his ass off. He’s been doing it for the last 27 summers. And that’s not to say the rapping ability was bad on this album. It’s still high tier.


I can understand why die hard Nas fans might not like this project. It sounds nothing like his previous projects. My prediction will be the backpackers will have a problem with this album. They want boom bap production but Nas diversifying his sound is far better to me.


It’s too early for me to really rate and rank the album but if I had to pick my favourite track it would probably have to be The Cure. That beat change man… what are your thoughts on the album?

The Album won a Grammy at the 63rd Grammy Awards

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